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SDT's Spring Bid Day

Sigma Delta Tau is proud to announce that they greeted four new members into their sisterhood, as they showed up to the house for spring Bid Day. The recruitment team was thrilled that their hard work payed off and that they got to witness incredible girls already jumping into the sorority with excitement. Sigma Delta Tau threw a pizza party Bid Day that featured plenty of Your Pie pizzas and even a unique spring Bid Day snapchat geofilter.

Not only was the pizza delicious, but it placed SDT into the number one ranking for the Your Pie’s Greek Madness competition. The winner of Your Pie's competition will receive a donation to their philanthropy. Hopefully Sigma Delta Tau can maintain their number one ranking and gain a donation to the upcoming 2017 Greek Grind.

During Bid Day, every member of Sigma Delta Tau lined up to introduce themselves to the new members and the environment was filled with music and laughter. Becca, Danielle, Mikaela, and Tessa have already brought so much joy to not only the whole sorority, but especially to the freshman pledge class that they joined. After the end of Bid Day, it was extremely apparent that the girls did not feel hesitant to socialize with all the new faces; they already feel at home and are excited to live in the SDT house next year. Sigma Delta Tau cannot wait for an amazing semester with our newest members!

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