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Delta Gamma Takes Ohio

On the weekend of February eleventh, five members of Delta Gamma's Chapter Management Team (CMT) flew from Atlanta, Georgia to Columbus, Ohio for several days of an enriching leadership conference at the Ohio Institute. This event, put on by Delta Gamma Fraternity, hosted select members of CMT from all chapters of Delta Gamma across the nation.

Delta Gamma’s Vice President of Social Standards, Caroline McInerney, described the leadership conference as a great experience, especially having the opportunity to meet many sisters from the other chapters. She also states, "Leading not only takes a dedication and passion for the organization, but also requires accountability and respectability. A good leader can inspire change within her chapter, while also appreciating how far they have come." Caroline also realized how the leadership skills that she learned can better herself as a member of CMT at Delta Iota.

Additionally, when Caroline saw all the girls who attended the conference, she realized that Delta Gamma is so much bigger than just her chapter. She states that, “it was rewarding to meet and learn from all the sisters of the other chapters.” Everyone there was looking to truly make a difference in the world and it one could tell it was genuine. The girls also did activities that reminded them of sisterhood and the friendship that comes with being a member of Delta Gamma. Overall, the women learned a lot about their roles as leaders in the Delta Iota chapter, as well as every chapter across the nation. These hardworking women spent a fabulous weekend in Ohio bonding over sisterhood and each of their roles as leaders in Delta Gamma. We are so grateful for such a hardworking group of girls!

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