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150 S. Milledge Avenue

Written by Caroline Walker, a member of Alpha Delta Pi.


After living in the freshmen dorms, I think any person would jump at the idea of living in a real home. Being able to live in the sixty person, not-so-humble abode of the Alpha Delta Pi house has gone above and beyond my idea of home, and I don’t know if another home will be able to compare.

I live in a six girl room in the ADPi house and it has truly been a joy to wake up and fall asleep next to my best friends every day. Our room is a whirlwind of energy as people come and go not only to classes, but also meetings, studying, volunteer activities, and interviews, and this goes for the entirety of the house as well. I have been living in admiration of the humans around me this year, and I am better for it. While the people have been my favorite part of sophomore year, perks in the house itself are not so shabby;) We get actual gourmet meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week), and delicious DESSERT!!!!! Thanks to Chef Chris and Chef Tony, we are spoiled rotten and might never be able to step in a dining hall again. When the sunshine is out, we get some Vitamin D sitting on the chairs on the sun deck, and the patio and front porch have made sunsets my favorite time of day. Even more, living on Milledge Avenue is the coolest because we are close to our other Greek friends. Going on walks and runs on Milledge is a treat—it serves as wonderful quality time with friends (and there are no hills!!). I am so thankful for my time in this house with these people and will miss it dearly. There is never a lonely moment, and friendships grow immeasurably.

Future sophomores- soak up the sweet times!!!

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