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Gamma Chi Advice: House Tours

Four days down, two to go! Panhellenic Recruitment is under way and the House Tours round will begin in just a few hours. As a more fun and relaxed round, the PNMs and active members in each sorority will wear unique t-shirts throughout the day. House Tours gives the PNMs an opportunity to see the physical architecture of various homes, but also to learn more about the personalities of the girls who live there.

Prior to the round, a few Gamma Chis want to offer advice to the PNMs. Gamma Chi, Lennox (Group 68) says "House tours is a super fun and high energy round! This round can give you such a great feel for the sorority's personality. I love how relaxed and comfortable it is. Make sure to take the time to really find the characteristics that make that house and the girls living in it so unique!" Allie Gosch, the VP of Admisitration for UGA Panhellenic and Gamma Chi during Recruitment 2016, urges PNMs to take advantage of the laid-back atmosphere of the round, saying "Wear uber comfortable shoes and soft, stretchy bottoms that are easy to move in because the houses will be playing music and you will want to feel free to groove!!"

Each of the eighteen sororities cannot wait to welcome PNMs back through their doors today!

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