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How to Avoid Costume CostDOOM: Delta Zeta Edition

It’s Wednesday night after three days full of tests, O-chem homework and frantic sprints to the Gilbert Street bus stop. You can finally see the week coming to an end, and you begin to relax. Then suddenly you stop in your tracks: you have absolutely NOTHING to wear to your Delta Zeta random-themed social on Thursday, the very next day. You’ve run out of glitter (the horror) and left the perfect t-shirt at home. The socks you have aren’t the right length, and don’t even mention the color. You’ve lost the ideal leggings that fit oh so perfectly. what???

You grab three of your best friends, who are naturally in the same predicament as you, and make your way down Lexington Avenue to Srat Heaven. A distinct cloud of musk offers you a friendly welcomes as you b-line to the oversized men's t-shirts. Ah, right where you belong— Goodwill. Sorting through any range from dud to outrageous, your hands finally graze the perfect graphic tee. Gliding to the counter, you pay for your unique find and herd your friends back to the Toyota Camry. T-Swift’s angelic voice unknowingly guides you to your next stop: Party City’s infamous accessory aisle. You’re there for one thing and one thing only: glitter, glitter, and more glitter, possibly in the form of body jewelry!! The journey to the checkout counter leads you to buy three socks, beaded necklaces, and two pairs of obnoxious glasses because, of course, these are necessary essentials to any social outfit. Stopping at Wal-mart on the way back to campus, you grab a pair of neon leggings and a Snickers bar because by now you are EXHAUSTED, so treat yo’ self.

Returning to Milledge Avenue twenty dollars poorer, you can rest easy knowing you have a bomb outfit to wear. Congratulations, you are now equipped to take your social by storm, and maybe even win best dressed?!


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