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Sister Sisters

Written by Caroline Esposito, a member of Gamma Phi Beta.


This past summer my sister, Maddie, went through recruitment at Auburn University. As a sister of Gamma Phi Beta, I, of course, wanted Maddie to join Gamma Phi there. I supported her through the entire process and was excited to hear about all her experiences throughout recruitment. I didn’t pressure her to join Gamma Phi and was overall just excited to see where she ended up and where she was happiest. My sister is very individualistic, and because of this I knew she would probably try to avoid joining Gamma Phi as to not “follow in my footsteps." She kept me updated as the week progressed, but would not tell me her final decision. To my surprise, and delight, Maddie found her new home at Gamma Phi Beta at Auburn! I was thrilled because I knew I would be happy for her no matter what she decided, but my sister also becoming my sorority sister would make Greek Life more special for me.

On October 22, I was able to do something all the more exciting: initiate my sister into our sisterhood. I drove up to Auburn and stayed with her for a night and initiated her the following day. This was such a bonding moment for us, and I have never felt so connected to my sister. My sister is my best friend, and adding this amazing girl to my sisterhood made my heart so happy. I know that she possesses all of Gamma Phi Beta’s core values – love, labor, learning, and loyalty – so I knew she could find her home there. I am so lucky that Greek Life has brought my sister and I even closer than before by turning my real-life sister into my sorority sister. I feel so blessed to have this everlasting relation with my sister, and I cannot wait for the future fun events we will have in the next two years. Being far away from her for school is hard, but knowing we will always stay connected through our sisterhood makes it a little bit easier every day.

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