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Meet a Gamma Chi

It is that time of year again! Each year, in the spring, Panhellenic interviews over 300 women who want to be Gamma Chis for the upcoming recruitment season. Gamma Chis are basically recruitment counselors –they provide guidance and mentorship for young women going through recruitment in August.

For the fall recruitment season, Delta Phi Epsilon will have two Gamma Chis and I had the chance to interview one of them, Laura Antonelli!

Laura is from the north, Rhode Island, so she said she did not know what a sorority actually was when she moved to UGA as a freshman. Right when she moved into her dorm, she was met with all of these girls waking up at 5am every morning and rushing out. Once she realized they were going through recruitment, she wanted to participate as well.

When asking Laura about what sparked her interest in becoming a Gamma Chi, Laura mentioned she had always thought it was a really cool job. She finds it interesting how there is an older girl telling you how to do things and giving you advice throughout the crazy process known as recruitment. Her Big and many of her close friends were also Gamma Chis so she wanted to give it a shot too!

Laura thinks it is so important for girls to call a place home on this big campus. She commented, “It is nice having a beacon to return to at the end of the day and to have girls who you can connect with you and be there for you. Even outside of college life, a sorority can help you so much because of the different networking opportunities.”

It is safe to say that Delta Phi Epsilon is so happy and excited for Laura Antonelli to represent them as a Gammi Chi for the upcoming recruitment process. Delta Phi Epsilon wishes all the Gamma Chis luck in this new chapter in their lives!

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