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What Sorority Life Means To Me

I never thought that words such as Gamma Chi, My Tie, and I would ever be used in the same sentence until I decided to rush the week before my first semester of college. I’m sure I can speak for many of the lovely ladies who went through recruitment with me when I say it gave us a strange, yet oddly welcomed form of PTSD. Even when I closed my eyes I couldn’t escape the unbelievably catchy, loud chants that were screamed at us by quite possibly the largest smiles I have EVER witnessed in my life. I honestly had no clue people had so many teeth or could yell with lungs that possessed unbelievably impressive stamina. Without knowing a single letter of the Greek alphabet, I thought I had the underhand, but looking back at it, I realized that not knowing anything was the best possible outcome for me.

While trying to figure out where I wanted to be and the types of people I wanted to be with, I knew I wasn’t being influenced by others, including my family. Sure, my grandma was in another sorority at UGA in '74, but it’s not like her pledge class remains - as if they’re hiding in the darn woodwork popping out and grabbing people who don’t mesh with their values that our generation have long changed from. I was able to make whatever I wanted from sorority life, and all I wished for was a group of girls I could fall back on. The sorority I chose, if I chose one, had to have people that would help me grow and support me no matter what.

I wont lie, I had my doubts about whether any of this was right for me, but then I met Sigma Kappa. I mean REALLY met Sigma Kappa, as in I was crying my eyes out with a random chick I had just met because she related to me so well. This stranger helped me to see that if I can connect with her within 10 minutes, then I can be a part of a sorority, and all I needed to do was give it time. Now as I’m going into my second semester (yes, I survived the first semester - small round of applause appreciated) I’ve met my fall-back people. The best part of it all is that barely half of them are even Sigma Kappas, but because of my sorority I was able to meet the people that I can see staying with me even when my chapter here at UGA ends.

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