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We Love Our House Moms

Ms. Patricia Brown, Pi Beta Phi’s lovely house mom, joined their home about three years ago. She is everyone’s favorite (honorary) member of Pi Beta Phi. Here are some personal experiences from Ms. Pat, as well as reasons why many Pi Phi's believe Ms. Pat is the best house mom on Milledge!

“When I joined the Pi Beta Phi house in Spring of 2015, I was overwhelmed. But immediately grew to love the girls of the Georgia Alpha Chapter. The last three years have flown by, especially because of the friends I have made being a house mom at the University of Georgia. Our Chapter Housing Corporation gave me one of my best friends, Peggy Ballard. I have also become friends with many of the other sorority house moms here at UGA. I will never be able to thank Pi Beta Phi enough for the bonds that will last a lifetime.” -Ms. Pat

Reagan Balog, a second year that lives in the Pi Beta Phi house, says, “Ms. Pat is great because she makes me feel very safe in our home. She is always awake in the morning to tell us to have a great day and is always sitting with us at dinner while we tell our crazy stories. She deserves much more credit than is given!”

Former Chapter President, Caroline Macolino, explains why she loves Ms. Pat: “My lady!!! I had the opportunity to live with Ms. Pat for two years in the Pi Beta Phi house; once when I was a sophomore, and the other when I was the president. She is always so helpful when we ask for the air temperature to be changed (which is every day, sorry Ms. Pat), or when we want to sit and talk at dinner. Ms. Pat is genuinely one of my favorite women and I truly believe she will leave lasting a impression on each girl that lives in this house.”

At 886 South Milledge, they believe they have the greatest House Mom there is. Ms. Pat is one of a kind and she will forever be our Mom. Thank you for everything you do Ms. Pat, you are loved!

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