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Milledge Ave.'s Newest Addition

Alpha Phi is excited to break in their beautiful, new house on Milledge Avenue! This fall will be the first time an Alpha Phi pledge class moves into the state-of-the-art home.

Second-year Alpha Phi, Grace Chester, gives us a little glimpse into just how thrilled she (and the rest of the chapter) is about their new address, 387 Milledge Avenue:

"Living in a sorority house is truly a one of a kind experience. Not only do you get to live in a home that has housed generations of girls before you, but, you get to bond with your pledge class as a whole. Having your sorority sisters as roommates, hall mates, and everything in between, allows you all to become much closer with each other. Sharing meals together, studying together, getting ready for events together are just a few of the things that in-house girls love. There really is no other time in your life that you will live in *extremely close quarters with 60 other girls. (ha!) Something I am looking forward to, besides the house itself, is the unbeatable location. Milledge is home to most of UGA's sorority houses, and Alpha Phi is looking forward to being added the list. To be surrounded by so many different organizations is going to be a great way to develop friendships outside of Alpha Phi and strengthen relationships with other chapters at UGA. Alpha Phi is SO ready for the big move. It will be so exciting to create new traditions with all of our sisters and we can’t wait for the opening of it."

From all of us on Milledge, we can't wait for the new neighbors at 387!

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