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Best Study Spots

Rena McKenzie, freshman Kappa Alpha Theta, has already figured out all of the best study spots on and off campus. Obviously, no one likes studying, BUT it can be made more bearable by finding the perfect schoolwork setting. Rena has a recommendation for any and every kind of student!

"Athens, GA is such a unique place with the perfect combination of big city and small town feel. This means that there are several places you can go where you can simultaneously enjoy the Athens culture and get some school work done. Homework and lots of studying is an inevitable part of any college class, but that doesn't mean you have to be miserable when you need to be productive. Here is a list of some of my personal favorite places to study with my Kappa Alpha Theta sisters!

On Campus:

  • MLC: This is the Miller Learning Center. It is located right beside Tate student center and the perfect place to really grind. For a more chill vibe, go to the second floor and grab a booth at the Jittery Joe's.

  • SLC: this is a great place for people in any science class; it is a hidden gem because it is never as crowded as MLC, so you can normally find a study room. The SLC is best to study in during the day and then grab a bite at Snelling dining hall just a few feet away or a bagel from Einstein on the 1st floor.

  • Main Library: The main library is on North Campus and yet another great place to get work done. There is an Einsteins there as well, but the upper floors are super quiet and the perfect place for a late night study session.

  • Russell Hall: If you are like me, and aren’t quite lucky enough to live in the brand-new Russell Hall, but have no fear! Text a friend who does, ask them to let you in the door, and go to the 3rd floor for a wide array of study areas. This is perfect because you can stay as long as you want and your dorm is only a few feet away.

Off Campus:

  • Jittery Joes at Five Points: So, this is your typical cozy coffee shop. Here, everyone has a cup of joe and are grinding super hard on their work. It is also great to go before or after chapter because it is less than a mile away from nearly all of the sorority houses!

  • Starbucks Downtown: Starbucks seems basic, but I studied a good bit here during finals week. The secret is to go upstairs, though. Downstairs can feel congested at times, but just one floor above is a great place to pull out the books.

  • Walker’s Pub and Coffee Shop: Okay, so I JUST discovered this place. I actually met a tutor here, but ended up staying for hours because it was a such a nice place. The cool thing about this place is, the tables are higher but are booths so it is a very comfy feel. They also have incredible coffee. I recommend the Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk. :)"

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