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To The Girls Who Aren’t Typical “Sorority Girls”

Pi Beta Phi, Kristen Huffstutler has a word for the girls who feel they don't fit the "sorority girl" mold:

"When I told my friends from home I was rushing, they were shocked. I was the kind of girl who was afraid of getting a spray tan, who only wore makeup when necessary, and who was absolutely terrified of letting a group of girls decide that I was good enough for them. However, I knew that rushing was a great way to meet people and to start out my freshman experience a week earlier, so my roommate and I signed up to rush together.

I’m not going to lie: rush week was hard. My feet hurt from walking, my heart hurt from seeing my favorite houses drop me, and hearing my own voice so much started to annoy me. But it was also one of the best experiences of my life. From Day 2, I knew I wanted Pi Phi to be my home. The girls that rushed me there weren’t the stereotypical “sorority types” I had envisioned. They were incredibly genuine and some of the coolest people I’d ever met. On pref day, the girl who would become my bid day buddy talked to me about how sorority life isn’t what she expected - but in such a good way. Since that day, Pi Phi has brought me a community of ladies who didn’t feel like they were typical “sorority girls” either, but who are some of the coolest and funniest people I’ve ever met. My big (pictured below) felt the exact same way I did while rushing, and she found her home in Pi Phi, too. It’s easy to make judgments during rush week when every house seems like it’s filled with the same stereotypically beautiful girls. But I quickly learned that not just Pi Phi, but every sorority, isn’t what it might seem like from the outside: each of our 19 amazing sororities are filled with passionate and genuine girls, many of which I am so lucky to know.

Looking back from the other side, the girls I was so afraid of trying to impress were also trying to impress me. They worked for weeks trying to make their home the coolest and most welcoming places possible. They were just as terrified as I was, if not more so. And although getting cut from houses is rough, I now know that if I had joined one of the sororities that had cut me, I wouldn’t be happy there. So, to anyone who feels like they aren’t cut out for rush week- take a chance. I stood in your shoes a year ago and I can say with confidence that the term “sorority girl” is a label anyone can wear, even me. It might be terrifying, but it will also be the most rewarding experience of your life. You’ll find a new kind of home, and you might just find the best friends you’ve been waiting your whole life for."

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