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Study Spots! (Part 2)

Meredith Haltiwanger, freshman KD, shares a few of her go-to spots.

"Studying is a huge part of being a student at the University of Georgia, and it is extremely

important to know how and where to study! I have learned that finding a very comfortable and

relaxing setting makes my study sessions more effective and efficient. There are many times

where I have traveled to The Miller Learning Center to study, but I have struggled with finding a

quiet spot, or just any spot at all. With the MLC begin so crowded and distracting, I decided I

needed to venture off and find my own study spots. So today I am going to list a few places of

my favorite study spots that I have found to be extremely useful and quiet. My favorite place to

study is at Barnes and Noble off campus and not to mention there is a Starbucks there as well

(because of course us college students couldn’t live without our coffee). It is very quiet and I

never see people that I know, which helps me concentrate and not get distracted. With the Barnes

and Noble being off campus, this location is rarely busy and often times silent. I have found that

studying at this Barnes and Noble has provided me with a quiet and comfortable study spot. A

few other places similar to this is Frutta Bowls, Starbucks downtown, and Zombie Donuts. Frutta

Bowls has super yummy acai bowls so you can have a sweet treat while you study. Zombie

Donuts has a ton of donut flavors to choose from and you get watch the workers make your

donut right in front of you. Don’t want to leave campus? No problem! A place on campus that is

surprisingly overlooked sometimes is the Main Library on North Campus. This is a very quiet

place with a ton of open space including private rooms, open rooms, a coffee shop, and rooms

with couches and bean bags. I have found that when I surround myself with people who are

studying as well I get more done, so the Main Library is always my go to when I am

overwhelmed and need to get stuff done. I believe it is so important to find your favorite study

spot and make that place your go to when you have exams or work. I also believe that it is

important to find multiple study spots so you are getting a change of scenery and enjoying where

you are while working."

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