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10 Tips Every PNM Should Know

Taylor Burns, a Delta Gamma at UGA, has put together a list of her top 10 recruitment tips. Keep reading for her recommendations on how to get the most out of this week:

1. BE YOURSELF! Do not go into recruitment acting like someone you are not. Be yourself so that you can find your forever friends and forever home.

2. DO NOT go into recruitment with your eye on only one sorority. Not only does this limit your possibilities but it also could bring disappointment should you not receive a bid from that particular sorority. Go into recruitment with an open mind ready to meet girls in each of UGA’s 19 wonderful sororities.

3. WEAR COMFY SHOES! Girls, you are going to be walking A LOT. Heels may look super cute, but those blisters won’t, and they do not feel good either. Wear some cute but comfy shoes!

4. MAKE FRIENDS in your gamma chi group and with other PNMS. Who knows you could end up in the same sorority!

5. DRINK WATER! It is August in Georgia so stay hydrated!

6. DO NOT BE NERVOUS! I promise you it is not that scary. These girls are college students too and they were once in your shoes. They know how you feel!

7. TALK to your Gamma Chi! That is what they are there for. They are your life line for recruitment I promise! Talk to them as much as you need to.

8. SWEAT, it's okay! We all sweat so do not let that stop you. Sweat on pretty girls. It’s hot outside, we all understand the struggle!

9. DO NOT CRY! There is nothing worth crying over. Recruitment and Greek Life is supposed to be a fun environment! And remember it is not the end of the world!

10. WHEREVER you end up, be happy! I promise all things happen for a reason. Just trust the process!

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