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Let's Talk About Recruitment

In this post, some members of Delta Zeta share a few of their recruitment pointers!

"Rush is a love/hate relationship. To all you girls rushing, read this. This is an article from veterans of rush.

What to Wear:

“Whatever you wear, confidence is the most important part. Don’t wear stuff that doesn’t fit right, isn’t your style, or makes you feel anything other than beautiful.” -Hope Turner

“Don’t make my mistake and wear long jumpsuits. I still regret it. So hot.” – Lexie McClellan

“Comfortable shoes!” -Bryanna Cool

“Wear comfy shoes, and wear what makes you feel beautiful.” -McKenna Rigdon

How to Remember Everything:

“Write down in your notes how you feel after each house, not what you talked about. Your happiness/comfort is greater than the conversation about Netflix.” -Hope Turner

“So important to write down notes after each house!! There’s so many it can be hard to keep track of the conversations you had.” -Emily Engeland

“Write. Down. Everything. Especially the girl you talked to. It’s hard to remember everything, and you want things to trigger how you felt in those houses, especially when deciding the ones that you want for the next round.” – Lexie McClellan

What To Keep In Your Purse:

“Oil blotting sheets, chapstick, & mints.” -Hope Turner

“Sweat. Blotting. Sheets. Snacks, a fan, and mints!!!” -Madison Fucito

“Bring a portable fan!! That’s one of my biggest regrets from rush – it was so HOT” – Rachael Lupton

“Bring a fan. Seriously, it gets so hot, you don’t want to look miserable. It’s actually a great way to make friends. I’d recommend getting a mini one you attach to your phone you can get off of Amazon. Fans save lives.” -Kelly May Sheehan

“Carry bandaids!!” -McKenna Rigdon

If You’re Nervous about Getting cut:

“Everyone gets cut from 18!!” -Ansley Cartwright

“I got cut first round from a sorority that my mom was president of when she was in college. I was devastated, but looking back, I would have never fit in. Don’t go in focusing on your sister/mom/relative/best friend’s sorority. Focus on you.” -Lexie McClellan

Go in Selfishly:

“College is about making new friends. It’s totally fine if people from your high school are in a sorority, but don’t go in with the mindset that you have to go one sorority.” -Jade Hulsey

“Try not to compare your schedule to someone else’s! You only need to focus on yours.” -Campbell Montgomery

“If you and your best friend/roommate are rushing, don’t talk about it. It will just sway your opinion on certain houses based on her experience, or vice versa. If you loved a house and she didn’t, it’s okay. Don’t let their experience hurt yours. Keep your choices secret until bid day. Who knows? Maybe you guys will be in the same sorority anyways! If not, it’ll be fun to see who they ran to and who you ran to.” -Lexie McClellan

“When the rounds get deeper, look around at the girls in your group. See if you feel like you could be friends. These girls could be your future sisters!” -Madison Cook

“Pay attention to who you are around when you are feeling your best – the sorority and the girls visiting the same houses in late rounds. Being comfortable in a place should be the biggest thing to look for!” – Sarah Lopez


“It’s good to practice some funny stories or adventurous things you have done! Show what makes you, you and try to show who you really are, even though it can be scary.” -McKenna Rigdon

“No one wants to hear your resume – don’t tell them how much community service you’ve done. Tell them why you do and what you’re interested in – this is a conversation not an interview.” -Ansley Cartwright

“Trust the process! Sounds so cheesy but the girls rushing you know if you will fit in/be happy, so you’ll end up where you belong so just stay positive!” -Julia Krzeminski

“Rush is supposed to be fun, so don’t stress.” -Madison Fucito

“Stereotypes aren’t true.” -Jade Hulsey

“A ‘good sorority’ is the one that’s good for you.” -Ansley Cartwright"

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