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Suiting Up with the Spike Squad

Emily Royal, second year and member of Delta Phi Epsilon, shares what it was like to suit up with the UGA Spike Squad. Keep reading to learn more about her favorite game day ever:

“This past Saturday in Athens was my first time painting up with Spike Squad. The University of Georgia has given me so much, which inspired me to give the University of Georgia my time, energy, and upper-body strength. Regardless of how hot, cold, and unbearable the conditions may be, we are on our feet and cheering on The Dawgs. This first game on the Squad was very special because of the amount of love and support we have for each other. We are all there because we love our team and we want to show it in the most abrupt way possible. Being on Spike Squad consists of paint, push-ups for every point on the board, singing every song, yelling every chant, a great group of friends, and a whole lot of "Go Dawgs!" After this first game, I can't imagine attending in any other way. I thought my love for The Dawgs had reached max capacity, but Spike Squad instilled a whole new level of hype and appreciation for the school we get to call home. Every second in those stands inspires me to be a better fan, student, and person. The University of Georgia means everything to me and I will continue to do the best I can to show my love and excitement about being here. Spike Squad has forever changed the way I spend my Saturdays in Athens and I look forward to every second I get to spend with my hype squad of painted up super-fans.”

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