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Get to Know the 2020 Panhellenic Executive Board!

With a new year comes a new Panhellenic Council with fresh ideas and fresh faces. Our Council this year is a diverse group of women coming all the way from San Diego, California, to our backyard of Atlanta, Georgia.I was eager to find out more about our executive council and their opinions on some important matters. I asked some questions like favorite spots in Athens, favorite ice cream toppings, etc. Below I have listed their responses in order for everyone to see and find a commonality.

Our President, Jennings Brooks, is a third year from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a journalism major, art history minor with a Personal and Organizational Certificate. If you are ever curious about her whereabouts, a good place to start would be at the UGA Botanical Gardens - where she is often found enjoying an iced mocha from Condor Chocolates. If given the opportunity to create her own unique pop tart flavor, she would choose Crème brûlée.

Francesca Dellasala, Vice President of Administration, is from Johns Creek, Georgia and is pursuing a degree in Plant Biology with a minor in dance. Her favorite ice cream toppings include an assortment of sprinkles particularly the colorful kind. This year, she wants to channel her inner golden retriever as a way to spread joy to all those she encounters.

Next, I met up with Jenna Wilson, our Vice President of Recruitment, on North Campus, one of her favorite spots in Athens. Jenna is a third year marketing major from Cumming, Georgia. As her spirit animal, Jenna chose a monkey because she also has tons of energy and loves to eat, work and play!

Ava Parisi, a third year health promotions major with an emphasis in behavioral medicine, comes all the way from San Diego, California. This year, Ava is serving as the Vice President of Panhellenic Standards. Her favorite place to eat in Athens is The Place. She loves the food as well as the view of North Campus.

Although, if given the opportunity, she would make a pickle flavored pop tart: Sarah Houghton serves as the Vice President of Finance and Correspondence. She is a third year student from Atlanta, Georgia pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems, International Business and Chinese. She can often be found trying to get a guest pass into Bolton Dining commons.

Our Vice President of Public Relations, Holly Chafin, loves cookie dough and fresh fruit on top of her ice cream. Holly is a third year student from Augusta, Georgia majoring in Early Childhood Education through the Double Dawgs program. She chose a giraffe as her spirit animal because “they're so tall and awkward just like me.”

Our Vice President of Recruitment Counselors, Meredith Pannek, is a third year student from Gainesville, Georgia majoring in Public Relations. She is a big fan of local spots such as the Georgia Theatre and RaceTrac. As her spirit “animal” Meredith chose Danny DeVito because “he’s amazing”, but if she had to choose an actual animal she said a giraffe because they are both so tall.

The UGA and Athens community cannot wait for each of these women to work together and lead the Panhellenic Community over the next year.

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