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Katherine Edwards, a Kappa Alpha Theta at UGA, shares ways to celebrate one another on the day some love, and some care to ignore. Valentine's Day.

"With Valentine's Day approaching next week, we have some fun ideas for your sisters to celebrate girl's day! Of course, there are about a million ways to celebrate Galentine's Day, but here are some of our favorites:

Start your Galentine's Day off right with a girl's brunch. Some favorite places to brunch in Athens are Mama's Boy, Ideal Bagel, The Grit, Farm Cart, South Kitchen and Bar, and J Christopher's. Even better, you and your girls make it a DIY brunch, Just assign every girl with a food item, drink, or a recipe of their choice. To add to this exciting event, why not show up in your pink and red pjs? Or...

Not feeling brunch? How about something crafty? Nothing makes a celebration more fun than some decor! This can be as simple as grabbing vases from the dollar store and filling them with pretty roses to give to your girls, or making your own valentines and delivering them to your sisters and roomies.

To top off Galentine's Day, host a big pizza party for the girls! Nothing sounds better than a large cheese pizza from your favorite pizza place. Some of our favorites include: Ted's Most Best, Starland, and Little Italy. Although, you can NEVER go wrong with some cheesy bread from Domino's or Papa Johns.

So, whatever you and your gals decide to do on this special day, remember that it is all about having the best time with the best people around! Cheers to us, ladies! <3"

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