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Dealing with FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out

Kate Thompson, a sophomore Phi Mu, shares how she deals with a common, but dreaded emotion among most college students: FOMO.

Coming into college, I was like most students—unknowledgeable about time management and priorities. Yes, in high school, I was extremely involved. I played varsity sports, was the editor-in-chief of my school yearbook, and was an officer in about every club I could be in. The difference here was the routine. Each day started the same. There was class from 7:30-2:35, practice for two-four hours, and then homework once I got home. Schedules to a T like this are hard to come by in college, especially with the addition of a more intense social life.

I am not going to sugar coat this topic. Prioritizing can be extremely difficult, because it seems as though there is always something more fun to do than homework or studying. Text messages flow in about going to grab food or asking, “Hey! Who is going to the social tonight?” Those are hard messages to ignore or say no to. It is even harder when your best friends live next door. Each room is blaring music and laughing, and all you want to do is be a part of the fun. Along with balancing school and fun, eventually work, an internship, or clubs will come into the mix as well, once again taking up hours of your week. These hours, however, are mandatory and thankfully for the most part, consistent. Weekly meetings feel comforting as they are always at the same time and same place, but still they are another obstacle to work around with the crazy schedules that come with college.

I have one of these crazy college schedules. I am taking seventeen hours this semester along with being in Leadership for UGA Miracle and Executive Board member in Phi Mu. I, also, have an internship with a state representative. With these obligations, I have meetings every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and this does not include additional events on weekends. It can be extremely difficult to manage all of these aspects of my life, but in order to keep up good grades and high passion for what I am involved in, I take life day by day. Sitting down and figuring out which assignment is due next, and what I can get done early to decrease stress.

One of the best things that I have learned in college is how to prioritize and manage my time, so I can still have fun with my friends while completing all of my obligations. It is all about staying on top of when assignments are due and when tests are. Good friends will support you through this as well. No matter what day of the week it is, someone else also has to study or go to a meeting; therefore, you will not be alone. In reality, yes, there will be days where you push off your homework until an hour before it is due, or nights where you set a 7 am alarm so that you can study before a quiz, but that is okay too. Know yourself and know your work ethic. Sit down and plan your day or your week. Most importantly, ask for help when you need it. Your friends will support you every step of the way.

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