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All Things Finals!

Finals season is right around the corner and we are here to share some of Panhellenic’s finals favorites & tips to help you finish this semester strong!

Study Spots

  • MLC & Main Library

    • If you are on campus, the MLC & Main Library are a staple and have everything you're looking for: from group study areas to silent floors you can never go wrong with a classic study session here.

  • Nedza’s

    • Located right by Five Points, Nedza’s has such yummy food to fuel your study sessions and their back porch is the perfect atmosphere to get all your work done. Be sure to grab one of their donuts while your'e there, you won't regret it!

  • College Square

    • Across from the arch, you can’t miss College Square! On a nice, sunny day you’ll be sure to find so many students studying at the tables here. Grab something to eat from any restaurant and you’ll be all set for a day of studying!

  • The Cafe on Lumpkin

    • Whether you are looking for some cozy and homey vibes or an outdoor table to sit at with the sun shining, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Cafe on Lumpkin. Not only does the Cafe on Lumpkin offer the yummiest brunch food but you can be so productive here, no matter the atmosphere you are looking for.

  • Hendershots

    • We couldn’t leave this beloved Athens coffeeshop off the list! During the day, Hendershots is an amazing choice for a study session! With the coffee flowing and the homey atmosphere, you can get so much work done here with the best vibes.

  • Jittery Joes

    • To know Jittery Joes is to love Jittery Joes! Located all around Athens, you cannot go wrong with a good caffeine boost to accompany your finals studying!

Study Snacks

Some of our favorite snacks to keep you fueled through your study sessions are:

  • Fresh fruit & smoothies

    • An Athens staple is Ardens Garden (located right in College Square), the spinach slam is incredible!

  • Veggies & hummus!

    • Or pretzels, pita chips or basically anything and hummus!

  • Popcorn

    • A staple. You just can’t go wrong with popcorn.

  • Yogurt

    • Load it up with all your favorite toppings - fruit, granola, chocolate chips, peanut butter and more!

  • Trail Mix

    • A classic go to with all your favorites in one spot!

  • Chocolate covered blueberries and almonds

    • Looking for something sweet and chocolatey? Look no further.

Study tips

  • Take Breaks

    • Some of our Panhellenic women swear by the Pomodoro Technique! This involves working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break. After 4 of these work and break sessions, you can then take a longer break.

  • Fuel yourself and get enough rest!

    • You cannot be your best self without fueling your body properly and giving your body the rest it needs and deserves!

  • Hydrate!

    • Keep a water bottle with you when you study and you’ll be more inclined to drink more water!

  • Plan ahead - plan your day out and time block!

    • Writing out your day, either in a physical planner or just in your notes on your phone, helps you stay on top of everything and keep yourself accountable!

  • Study groups!

    • Form a study group with your friends or classmates - either virtually or in person! This will help you all bounce ideas off of each other and clarify any questions. Helping someone else learn material also helps you learn it better so it's a win-win situation!

Study breaks

Although finals may seem like the only thing you can focus on, it is SO important to take care of yourself and take breaks!

  • Go for a hike or a walk

    • Getting outside for some fresh air is so important and will help you clear your head.

  • Yoga

    • Some free favorite Yoga videos on Youtube are Yoga with Adriene or Corepower! If you’re looking for an Athens yoga spot - check out M3Yoga, Fuel Hot Yoga, Shakti Power Yoga among many others!

  • FaceTime a friend or family member!

    • This will allow you to destress while also getting to talk to someone you don’t usually talk to! If you call a family member, this will make their day, trust me!

  • Sit outside and enjoy the sunshine!

    • Short on time? No worries! Simply sitting outside and getting some fresh air will rejuvenate you and you can get back to studying ASAP.

  • Walk to get a coffee, tea, smoothie, juice or whatever you're feeling!

    • Get some movement in and treat yourself, you’ve been working so hard. You deserve it!

UGA Panhellenic wishes you the best of luck on finals this semester!! YOU GOT THIS!! <3


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