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Big/Little Themes With Sigma Kappa

Twas the week before Big/Little reveal and you still have no idea what you’re going to do! Don’t worry we’ve all been there. We have come up with some cute inspo for you to use or even to get your ideas flowing!

  1. “You’ve got good genes” A classic. Everyone wears denim to play into the genes/jeans pun

  2. “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly” To show off your perfect duo dress up as two things that always go perfect together!

  3. “Roundin’ up the best fam” Need I say more? Cowgirl hats. Duh.

  4. “Fairly Odd Parents” This one is specifically for two bigs who will share one little.

  5. “Dream Team” Everyone dresses up in pajamas! Definitely mandatory that the entire fam takes a picture pretending to be asleep though.

  6. “Bob Ross and Painting” This is definitely for the Big/Little duo that isn’t afraid to go all out.

  7. “We Roll with the Best” A Rolling Stones theme. Required: coolest family ever.

  8. “Meant to Bee/ Sweeter Than Honey” What’s cuter than having your family buzz around all day together???

  9. “I’ve Got My Golden Ticket” Willy Wonka theme. Again not for the Big/Little duo that is scared to be out there.

  10. “Cheetah Girls” A perfect theme to incorporate the whole fam.

  11. “A Custom Meme” Have an inside joke between you and your soon-to-be little? Print that baby out and iron it on a t-shirt.

  12. “You’re My Pot of Gold” Bigs are you ready to pull out your leprechaun costume from the back of your closet? Dress your little up in an all-gold outfit.

  13. “SpongeBob” Big/Little are SpongeBob and Patrick while GBig and GGBig are Mermaid man and Barnacle boy.

  14. “This Family is a Slam Dunk” Everyone wear basketball jerseys. Maybe even bring a basketball as a prop for some cute pictures!

  15. “Don’t Stop The Party” Mr. Worldwide theme. Bring out those bald caps.

We all know that the day you get your little is one of the most exciting days of the year. We’re glad that we could help out with the stress of figuring out what your theme will be. Good luck ladies and we hope everyone has the best Big Little Reveal!


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