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Panhellenic is Feeling Grateful

With November being National Gratitude Month, we wanted to share 50 things that our Panhellenic women are grateful for each and every day:

  1. Attending a university that pushes me to be my best each day

  2. Having in person classes again

  3. Making connections with like-minded people in my classes

  4. The Dawgs

  5. And more specifically...UGA Game Days

  6. My health and the health of my friends and family

  7. My dog

  8. Fall leaves

  9. Red: Taylor’s Version

  10. And of course… All Too Well - The 10 Minute Version

  11. Living with my best friends

  12. Christmas movies

  13. Hot chocolate

  14. New, soft blankets

  15. Spending time with my best friends

  16. Holiday pajamas

  17. Friendsgivings

  18. My family and friends

  19. The Panhellenic Community

  20. Einstein Bagels in the SLC

  21. North Campus

  22. Finding an empty study room in the MLC

  23. Traveling to new places

  24. My morning coffee

  25. Trader Joes runs with the roomies

  26. Friends that push me to be the best version of myself

  27. Sunrises and sunsets

  28. Service opportunities

  29. Good food

  30. When you see the waiter or waitress bringing the food over to your table

  31. Reuniting with family for the holidays

  32. The Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

  33. My amazing friends and support system

  34. The joy of hometown visits

  35. Having the opportunity to find lifelong friends at UGA

  36. Our house chefs yummy meals (we LOVE our house chefs and appreciate them SO much)

  37. The ability to move my body in ways that bring me joy

  38. Waking up to sunshine (and not an alarm)

  39. A Mama’s Boy biscuit on a Sunday morning

  40. Having a support system of my friends and sorority sisters who give me a home away from home

  41. The fall leaves all around campus

  42. The Tate Starbucks baristas

  43. The Athens Farmers Market on a Saturday morning

  44. Taq del Sol chips n queso

  45. Netflix marathons

  46. Bolton chocolate chip cookies

  47. Kind strangers

  48. Hot showers after a long day

  49. Puppy kisses

  50. The UGA community!

UGA Panhellenic wishes you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and let this serve as your daily reminder to think about things that you are grateful for today and everyday!


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