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It is spring time in Athens and you might be wondering, how can I wind down my last few weeks here in the classic city before finals start and it is time to go home? Well, Sarah Davis, a Kappa Delta here at the University of Georgia can't wait to give you ideas and fun things to do to destress during a time where so much is going on!


As the weather is getting warmer, we are all keeping busy in order to fit in formals, parents weekends, parties and studying for finals right before moving out. Spring brings a ton of excitement and fun but it also comes with stress. Although every second seems to be filled with something to do, it’s important to rest and unwind. Luckily, the weather in Georgia is providing us with a boost of sunshine and vitamin D to fuel us through the home stretch of the semester. A great way to add some happiness to your everyday activities is to go outside to finish some homework or take a walk to clear your mind. Athens offers many different outlets to relieve stress with various locations to complete homework, exercise and decompress with friends

Productivity is essential in completing a lengthy to-do list. To get some studying done prior to grabbing groceries for the week, Earth Fare on Lumpkin Street has free wifi and outdoor and indoor tables. This way you can get two tasks out of the way in one trip, plus Earth Fare sells discounted $5 sushi every Wednesday.

A great way to soak up sun and get your mind off of any stress the day has brought is taking a walk or running around a trail. Lake Herrick is easily accessible on campus and has a trail with a pretty view that's easy to walk or jog around. Walking on the trail by the lake listening to music or your podcast of choice or even sitting on a bench or in the grass reading a book is another way to spend time outdoors and distract yourself from any life stress. If you like to sweat out your stress with an intense run, Firefly trail has paved flat roads and spans 39 miles which is perfect for runners who prefer to avoid hills and run far distances to rack up miles and release endorphins.

Despite the business of finals season in the spring, taking a break from studying is important. Rather than spending late hours in the MLC you could spend time with friends to take a breath of fresh air. To take advantage of the nice weather, Cali n Titos, Marker 7 and Cafe on Lumpkin are all fun restaurants that have comfortable outdoor seating and a pet friendly environment so you could even bring your dog. In addition, the spring time is a great opportunity to go to Hybar’s rooftop bar and restaurant to catch a sunset and have some appetizers for a friends birthday or just a celebration of finishing a long week.

However you choose to spend your last weeks of spring, I hope you live it to the fullest!

Happy Spring!

Love, UGA Panhellenic


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